The Nipissing Region Curatorial Collective works with artists, collectives and cultural organizations to promote, animate, produce and document cultural events in the Nipissing region of northeastern Ontario. We are committed to the professional payment of artists as outlined by the CARFAC Ontario union of artists.We want to connect new regional and national audiences for art and culture to emerging and professional visual, media and performing artists in the Nipissing region. The NRCC also offers administrative and educational programming assistance to all non-profit organizations in our region.

The NRCC’s Key Offerings:

  • Promote and Nurture Cultural Awareness in the Nipissing Region,
  • Practice, Produce and Administrate our NRCC members’ projects,
  • Provide professional Artists’ Studio spaces at 176 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay
  • Curate and promote Northern Ontario artist’s projects,
  • Provide Media Art¬†production support for our NRCC members,
  • Coordinate Exhibition, Festival and Event promotions,
  • Assist our members with grant-writing and editing,
  • Artists’ Workshop management and production.


NRCC 2021 Board of Directors:

  • Chantal Phillips – Chairperson
  • Reinalie Jorolan – Vice-chairperson
  • Taylor Leon – Board Secretary
  • Julie Kawai – Treasurer
  • Justine Gogoua – Artistic Programmer
  • Mike Cywink – Visual Arts Programs
  • Cesar Forero – Regional Representative
  • Samanta Izquierdo – Performance Programmer