Our Mask-making Workshops have already begun at schools across the region. We are hoping to see all artists, makers and interested folks at our NRCC Studios this Saturday, September 14 and 15 for the first of our FREE Artist-led Mask-making events!! Come out to 176 Lakeshore and create a WHOLE NEW FACE (or even an alter-ego)!!

We have just confirmed the schedule of events for the Nipissing Culture Day Weekend. We’ll post the schedule here in the next few days!

June, 2019

Soiree Tropicale, a Sponsorships and Friendraiser for North Bay’s Culture Days


1) MP Anthony Rota – 5:30 PM (5 minutes)

2) Councillor Dave Mendicino, to speak on behalf of Mayor Al Macdonald – 5:35 PM (5 minutes)

3)Nipissing First Nation, Chief, Scott McLeod – 5:40 PM (10 minutes)

4) MC’s – Introductions, Orientation, Sponsorship Opportunities (Justine Gogoua & Richard Fortin) – 5:45 PM (5 – 7 minutes)


5)Culture Days Chair, Reinalie Jorolan (Opening the event + Powerpoint) – 5:45 PM (7 minutes)

6) Aboriginal shawl dancer Shania Splane – 5:52 PM (6 minutes)

7) Aboriginal Drummer & Singer Tasheena Sarazin – 6:00 (5 minutes)

8) Poi Dance by Laxmi Konwar – 6:07 PM (5 minutes)

9) Belly Dancers – Fran Hanover’s Girls – 6:15 PM (5 minutes)


10) Dinner will be served, DJ SndFr3q and The Schemeaddicts will perform – 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


10) Lucky (Story Telling) – 7:30 PM (10 minutes)

11) Justine Gogoua and Amadou Performance – 7:40 PM (20 minutes)

12) Hugh McKenzie (Story Telling) – 8:00 PM (10 minutes)

13) Dave Dale (Comedian) – 8:10 PM (10 minutes)

14) Hyperboreal – 8:20 PM (12 minutes)

15) Fran Hanover – 8:35 (10 minutes)


16) MC Speakers Closing Up (Richard, Reinalie, Susan Terry and Justine) – 8:45 PM 17) Closing Chillout Set by The Schemeaddicts – 9:00 PM (30 minutes)


Venue: The Summit at Voyager Inn

Cost: $100 per plate (50% charitable donation)

Contact: Reinalie Jorolan ( RSVP)



               Susan Terry (Media)



More exciting things are happening in our committee’s pursuit of community strong collaborative efforts! Come and share your culture and arts two sense with us! We’d love to hear from you!

Our Culture Days Planning Committee convened in April and meets every Thursday at 3:00pm at 176 Lakeshore Drive. The Committee is led by Reinalie Jorolan and includes representatives from 23 different community and cultural groups from around the city of North Bay and out into the region.

This year’s planned activities include: A MASQUE PARADE, multiple Artist-led Workshop and Interactive events, A Caribana-style event, Another ART JAM event that will feature a multi-cultural picnic, multiple music stages and an outdoor exhibition of projections by media artists, A Super Hop, Gallery and Cultural Business tour around downtown North Bay that includes a major exhibition organized by the North Bay Museum, and a drum, dance and delicious festival during ART JAM 6.