Alex Maeve Campbell’s,

Exhibition of New Mixed Media Works on Board

November 18 – January 5, 2023-24

Don Chretien’s, Pollinators and Spirit Guides

HELD OVER for the Holidays!! 


July 20, 2019 – August 15, 2019

Opening – Saturday, July 20, 2pm – 4pm

An exhibition of new abstract artworks from emerging painters, Bridgette Perron and Martin Simard.

Fluidity, rhythm and energy coalesces in these contemplative works. Some are “free form” expressions from the subconscious, others arise from meditations upon “entropy”, “ecstasy” and the teleology of human aesthetics.

The artists have developed their professional practices with varying levels of artistic instruction and influence. Simard’s are primitive works that seem unfettered by artistic traditions or schools of thought. Perron has found new territory for her expression after many years of training and influences that Include: impressionism and post-painterly abstract expressionism.



Opened June 1st, 2018, the Northern Ontario Visual Arts Hive features a series of presentation spaces in the hallways, boardrooms, cafeteria, outdoor gardens and on the rooftops of Co-working 176 in North Bay, a working and innovation environment dedicated to integrating arts, wellness and commerce and to making all of our lives more “artful”. It is located on the shores of Lake Nipissing and respectfully occupying lands traditionally occupied by the Anishinabek community.

NOVAH’s mandate is to present the best of contemporary artworks by regional visual, performing and media artists. Located in and around a Co-working building at 176 Lakeshore Drive in North Bay, Ontario, the NOVA Hive is visited by thousands of community members and visitors to the region each month.