NRCC Annual General Meeting

For all NRCC members and member artists:

We will be holding our 2020 Annual General Meeting at 176 Lakeshore Drive in North Bay TOMORROW (Dec. 6, 2020) to review our activities throughout this CRAZY year, to take a look at NRCC’s financial statements, to celebrate our amazing volunteers and volunteer Board of Directors (YAAAYYY!) and to vote in the NEW 2021 NRCC Board of Directors.

On the same EXCITING evening…we will be airing an International Cooking Stream called “Cooking with Justine” at 7pm on December 6 (right after the AGM).


We will be walking through the exhibits at Novah Gallery and offering beautiful BAKED GOODS as an NRCC Fundraiser starting at 2pm on Sunday. So…JOIN US…walk through the amazing Christmas Art Sale…and peruse the GOODIES!! All of this is happening at 176 Lakeshore Drive here in North Bay, Ontario.