FusionFest and Broken Forests Social Media Coordinator


The FusionFest and Broken Forests Social Media Director will develop skills in marketing and promotions, as well as graphic design skills and writing. The Intern will also develop their networking skills, artistic curating skills, translation skills (as the FusionFest is a bilingual project) and digital communications skills. 

Many of the above skills are transferable. The Intern will also be working directly with volunteers and artists. This skill will include administrative skills and personnel management. The Intern will also be learning valuable Project Management skills and inter-personal communication skills.

As much of this job is about social media posting, website design and management, video podcasting and production, there will be a concentration on developing digital production skills, including Zoom conferencing setup and admin, webcam usage and OBS software management, video formatting and audio editing.

The Intern will also be working with the Executive Director to create viable Business Plans for both of these art projects (Broken Forests Art Tour and FusionFest). This will help us as we develop budgets for future projects and help to sustain the projects going forward into 2022 and beyond.


Required Skills include:

•   Post-secondary education preferably in the Arts

•   Experience with forming a small business, online business or other entrepreneurial venture

•   Bilingual

•   Good to excellent graphic design skills and experience with desktop publishing tools such as Photoshop, Word, Excel.

Expected Skills include:

•   Very good inter-personal skills and knowledge of the arts sector

•   An understanding of Tourism networks

•   Good working knowledge of the Nipissing region

•   The ability to work with volunteer Boards and groups of volunteers, especially with newcomer and indigenous volunteers.

FusionFest and Broken Forests Social Media Director Project – WORK PLAN

 November December – Setting up all post-event social media posts, uploading to the FusionFest YouTube and Vimeo channels, assisting with video editing for the FusionFest Archive. Refreshing and updated both wordlfusionfest.com and brokenforests.com with reports from both projects.

January February – Social media posts for FusionFest 2022, Posting of first performance schedules, Assisting with budgeting and sponsorships for all future projects. Assisting with the creation of a Policies and Procedures document for World Culture FusionFest.

March April – Assistance in Project planning. Collation of support materials and statistics taken from previous projects to be included with subsequent grant applications.

May June – Social Media accounts updated and multiple marketing posts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Mailchimp design formats set. All YouTube Channels assigned and populated. All Media contacts updated and Media Releases for FusionFest written. Working with Branding designers and committee to finalize and systematize all brands and logos

July – Direct and daily FusionFest Gathering, Collaboration and Performance posts to all sites. Coordination of all FusionFest Streaming Salons. Documentation of all shares and social media activity. Some online volunteer coordination.

August –  Broken Forests Tour promotion and preparation. Assistance with production of Broken Forests’ Education Packages. Coordination of all streaming events associated with the symposiums and artists tour of the region. Assisting Documentation crew with downloading/uploading.

September October – Support NRCC Executive Director and FusionFest Artistic Director as the team evaluates both projects and develops the 2022 plan. Nipissing Culture Days social media support and all Promotions for October FusionFest Performance Festival.


The Intern will report to the FusionFest Committee and the NRCC Board of Directors. These groups meet bi-monthly and monthly respectively. The Intern will also report to the ED with all new posts, media releases, and policy statements. 

Every 60 days, the Intern will be required to compile for examination all posts, site updates, podcasts and vlogs that they have designed and produced for the NRCC. These will be reviewed by Staff and Board members and the Intern’s performance will be evaluated using these as examples. 


The ties that this Social Media Coordinator will develop with the Tourism sector will also help to create jobs in the future in that sector. The Tourism sector is very interested in these projects as they will bring more visitors to the region and will help to sustain Tourism service industries and businesses from Timmins to North Bay. 

The intern we are looking for will be fluent in our two official languages. This is a necessary prerequisite as there is a need for bilingual workers as we reach out internationally and to Quebec audiences for all of our art and art tourism events. It will mean that we can start to bring the tour to other Franco-Ontarian communities as well and network with arts events and facilities in northern Quebec.

This position, when successfully completed, can and will be funded through future festivals and tours. Once we have written a strong Policies and Procedures manual, set up a cohesive organization for each event, created a strong network of artists and audiences and completed these initial manifestations of the projects, we look forward to expanding the position into two full-time positions; one for FusionFest and the other for Broken Forests.

We believe that this intern will ensure the creation of an annual performance festival and arts tour that will appeal to people across the country and in other countries. The FusionFest and Broken Forest Tour will provide the intern with full-time employment and will be sustained by paid participants and community sponsors. These projects will also help the NRCC to expand our work force at the organization.


HOURS per WEEK – 30

Yearly salary – $35000.00