Jacek Pasieczny & Teresa Zebrowska HELD OVER!!

At NRCC we are excited to announce that our current exhibition of new works from Polish artists will be held over until November 15, 2022.

Please visit the show Monday to Saturday during normal business hours.

The exhibit includes a selection of new works by Polish artists Teresa Zebrowska and Jacek Paciezny. Curated by Leszek Zuber Zebrowski, this exhibition focuses on artists who are applying unique processes in their examinations of the landscape.

Zebrowska’s work employs corrosives to build abstractions of unique beauty that allow mysterious shapes, forms and messages to appear. Hers is a highly colour sensitive gaze that sees through a whole new photographic lense.

Jacek Paciezny’s paintings on paper borrow from a tradition of slightly expressive colour field paintings, but situtates these abstracted, minimized landscapes along busy highways and at truck stops. One feels the dynamism of the place that is contrasted by the moods created by Paciezny, which seem to be fogbound and almost stagnant, as if these arePost-capitalist moments and that these tools of industry are abandoned.